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Sean encouraged me to walk away from my job and run a startup. I had never owned let alone run my own business before. He has kept me in my strengths. Sean has done what he does best identifying what matters most when starting a business and keeping me focused on these initiatives. We were profitable after only 4 months and by years end are tracking for half a million in revenue.

James Burton, President of Gig Strategic

Sean Castrina is like the Og Mandino for entrepreneurs. Read The Greatest Entrepreneur in the World and you’ll see why.

Jeff Goins, Bestselling Author of “The Art of Work”

Sean’s book will inspire and motivate you to succeed as an entrepreneur–one of the greatest adventures in life.

Brian Tracy, Author of “The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success”

I started a business in the service industry several years ago. I hit critical mass a couple of years ago. Then started listening to your podcast and realized how I am doing it so wrong. Your podcast has inspired me to brand, start a training format, and hiring people. Thank you for so much rich information and inspiration!


Equipping Entrepreneurs for Success

Hi, my name is Sean and I’m a serial entrepreneur, having started my first company at age 23. I have not stopped since. I’ve created more than 15 successful companies ranging from retail, property management and development, direct mail, and consulting, to home services. I’ve authored multiple books and resource for business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Articles and Tips


  • The 4 Warnings for a New Startup
  • Five Penny Pinching Sins
  • Be A Minimalist

To Sean’s Top 20 Business Podcast – The 10 Minute Entrepreneur


  • Side Hustles Are For Boys, Men Start Businesses
  • The 5 Most Common Stumbling Blocks of Startups
  • Second Does NOT Suck!


Sean’s best-selling books


  • 8 Unbreakable Rules For Business Start-Up Success
  • The Greatest Entrepreneur In The World: The Tale Of 7 Pillars

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Hi. I'm Sean Castrina and I'm going to help you build a business you can be proud of.

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