Developing the Entrepreneur Within

Developing the Entrepreneur Within was written to equip, encourage and educate aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs.

With brief and direct daily lessons, Sean C. Castrina distills habits, strategies, and insights from this 25-year business veteran. He has launched and led more than 20 companies through vastly different industries. In this book, bestselling author and frequent college lecturer, Sean mentors you through everything that can go wrong in a startup and everything required to lead, grow and pivot a company—no matter the size. From idea to scale, to selling your venture, Sean leaves no situation unaddressed in this behemoth of a book. His famous quote is, “failure is best heard through a second-hand story and a hell of a lot cheaper.” He shares both axioms and insights while serving as an entrepreneurial evangelist, preaching sermons on the power of entrepreneurship and what it takes to succeed as a founder.

Start your day with Sean through this book and a year from now you will be a better entrepreneur— your company will be larger and more profitable for the time you invested. Grab a cup of coffee, find somewhere quiet, and join this mentoring journey with someone who has done what you are seeking to accomplish. 



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