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7 Steps to Starting Your First Successful Startup

How can I start a business which will change my life? 7 Steps to Starting Your First Successful Startup Consumed with owning and operating your own business (freedom, team building, solving problems, controlling your future) Profitable Idea (wanted and needed) Partner...

What to Do When Your Startup is Not Growing

What do you do when your startup is not growing? You make changes to things that are not working The order of things to evaluate and change Marketing- are we attracting enough customers Target Customer is not who you thought it was so the message is not resonating...


What are the most common attitudes among entrepreneurs? ENTREPRENEURS HAVE A DIFFERENT ATTITUDE Attitude is your way of thinking and ENTREPRENEURS think a little differently. They prefer freedom over security, Reward is worth risk, I can do anything if I work hard...

Starting a Business as a Teenager

How can a teen start a small business at home? My son manages Tik Tok accounts and makes more than his high school teachers. You need to develop a skill that you can provide for a fee the promote it.

5 Tips to being a TEENAGE Entrepreneur

I am 16 years old and I want to become an entrepreneur. What do I do? 5 Tips to being a TEENAGE Entrepreneur Know what appeals to you about entrepreneurship other than money? Money can be made in many ways other than entrepreneurship Are you good at initiating the...

Divide Responsibilities

What are the pros and cons of having two CEOs instead of one CEO run a company? NONE. Two chefs in one kitchen is not good. Put each over different areas of responsibility. One over finances and one over operations.

Improving Quality or Expanding?

Which is the better investment, improving quality and services to an existing customer base or expanding out into a new territory? It is like fighting a war you must do both Fortify your existing strongholds (quality and service (fulfillment and customer experience)...

9 Traits Your Most Successful Entrepreneurs Share

What are the key points that make a successful entrepreneur? 9 Traits Your Most Successful Entrepreneurs Share Take initiative without delay Relentless pursuit of a goal Take calculated risks Opportunistic Leaders Problem Solves Confident Good Communication Skills...

5 Reasons Businesses Fail

Why do some businesses fail even with a good business plan? Two sides go to war and both think they will win and the only one does that is also similar in business. A plan cannon account for every possibility as well your competition's response to your entry into the...

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