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6 Ways to Improve Business Sales

How can a business grow sales? 6 WAYS TO IMPROVE BUSINESS SALES Attract more target customers through better marketing Create a systematic appeal to your existing customers Improve pricing to be more competitive with your competition Give a reason to buy today (call...

Profitable Service Business Ideas

What are some probable startup ideas that are based on providing services? I would begin with services you personally know how to perform so you can limit labor costs getting it off the ground. There are endless service companies that can be very profitable from:...

Testing the Market Beyond Your Circle

How can I know if my business idea is demanded by the market, besides asking my friends and family? Beta test it to a larger market such as doing a limited online offering to your target customer at the price you are needing/wanting to sell it at and see the response....

Determine Your Risk Tolerance

What's your 5-15 year plan on business investments? Based on your age these may be very different. My goals from 25–55 was to expose myself to more risk to make a greater return. 55–65 will be to cut my risk in half. 65 and over will be to have NO RISK and guard the...

Should Couples Go Into Business Together?

Should couples go into business together? Every couple has a different dynamic and some work and some don’t. Chip and Joanna Gains of Magnolia/ Fixer Upper as well as the co-founders of Tommy John are married and it works well for both of them. If you have...

How to Invest in Your Knowledge of Money

How do you go about investing in your knowledge of money? Stat buying books on how to build and protect wealth. Dave Ramsey has great stuff and Tony Robbin's book Money, as well as the book The Millionaire Next Door, are my 3 go-to books.

Why Use Pinterest?

Why use Pinterest for business? Pinterest works well for showing what you make and or build. It helps those who have a very visual product/ service.

Do Angel Investors Charge Interest?

Do angel investors charge interest? If they provided a loan as their capital investment. They would normally either take equity in the company and or loan the money with a higher than normal interest rate due to the risk involved.

How to Write Your Own Marketing Plan

How much should I charge for a marketing strategy? Whoever is proposing their product typically will provide their plan for you at no charge. HOW TO WRITE YOUR OWN MARKETING PLAN 1 What are you trying to accomplish with your marketing plan? More estimates More...

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