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Unsecured Loans

Why are unsecured loans such a bad idea? It is not the best loan. Normally you only do an unsecured loan to a family member or friend fully aware you may not get the money back.

Paying Yourself as the Startup Owner

How do we pay ourselves as a startup owner? A very simple rule of when the founder gets paid in a startup. “Last and only after it is profitable.” And how? I recommend if you live in the U.S. to take a standard paycheck with taxes taken out so you don’t get in tax...

The Right Profit Margin

What is a good profit margin for a small business? Depends on what you are selling and how many. If you are selling very high ticket items and very few of them the margin needs to be high but if you're selling a lower ticket item the margin is smaller so you need to...

Keeping an Employee vs. Hiring a New One

Is it cheaper to keep an employee or hire a new one? In general, keeping an employee you can improve is cheaper but if they cannot be improved to a point where they are valuable in the role you are paying them for let them go and hire someone new.

5 Reasons People Partner

How does a business start a partnership, and what are the benefits? The business start with a partnership because 2 people are better than one and can get so much more done and usually the partners have differing strengths and roles they play in the company. 5 REASONS...

Branding Multiple Things

How do you brand yourself when you do many different things? Branding generally focuses on the one thing you do better than anything else. It is very hard and uncommon to brand multiple things. I would focus on the one thing you can offer/promise that if you could...

Own Highly Profitable Businesses

How many small businesses can you own? As many as you can but it is more important to own one highly profitable business than many that are not profitable. We only know Bill Gates's name because of the ONE very successful company he started (Microsoft) not the 100...

Real Estate vs. 401k

Is investing in real estate assets better than 401k? 401k would be my first pillar as it grows tax-deferred and also comes off your income which gives you another tax advantage.

How to Choose the Perfect Company Name

How do you choose a name for your company? HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT COMPANY NAME Does the name allow for growth? An example of a bad name is using a small geographical area (Afton Plumbing) or a name that makes you look like a small operation (Dave’s Moving and...

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