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Will an MBA Help You Build a Small Business?

Will an MBA from a top school help me if I want to be a small business owner/franchisee? Obviously, if you have an MBA it shows you have the discipline to not only attend school but to stick with it but other than that I do not believe it will dictate whether you...

How to Make Money Without Money, Ideas, or Skills

How do you make money if you don't have any money, ideas, or even skills? Get a job and I don’t care if you offer to work for free (you are not making any money now anyway so you are not losing anything). Be the hardest working, most valuable employee they have. Learn...

I Would Bet on Any Person with These Skills

What are the 5 most important skills an entrepreneur should develop? I WOULD BET ON ANY PERSON WITH THESE SKILLS (TRAITS) TAKE INITIATIVE (without having to be told or reminded to) SINGULAR FOCUS RELENTLESS DETERMINATION SELF CONFIDENCE LEADERSHIP (People want to work...

How to Achieve a Competitive Advantage

What are the three ways in which firms can establish a competitive advantage? HOW TO ACHIEVE A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE What does your competition NOT OFFER that you can offer? Delivery, financing, overnight delivery, membership discounts, better selection, etc. What...

How to Work with Family in a Family Owned Business

How do you effectively manage a family business? How to work with family in a family-owned business. There still needs to be ONE general. Everybody on the team needs to be a contributor. Everyone needs to know their position and be in an area of strength. Don’t bring...

3 Rules for Great Customer Service

What are the three most important things in customer service? 3 RULES FOR GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE Listen to the problem/concern WITHOUT INTERRUPTION Solve the problem without delay. Confirm the customer is satisfied with the solution you have provided.

How Can I Become Rich Like Warren Buffett?

How can I become rich like Warren Buffett? Very Simple: Be trained by one of the world's great investors, be brilliant, see around corners, buy when everyone else is scared, and sell when everyone else is greedy. Oh and do it for 65 years.

4 Secrets the Most Successful People Share

What is the secret of a successful person? 4 SECRETS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE SHARE Know and grow/improve your area of giftedness (talent) and stay in that lane. Become great at one thing not average at many things. Set ambitious goals and relentlessly pursue them....

Trademark Your Brand First

How do I register a company/brand in real life? I would first trademark it which is very easy just send in your application which you can find online for the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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