The Greatest Entrepreneur In The World: The Tale Of 7 Pillars

Take the risk out of startup! “The Greatest Entrepreneur in the World” is a timeless fable that delivers the Seven Pillars required to fortify a successful startup business, division or organizational launch. These Pillars teach the irrefutable axioms required to survive startup and become a giant. This valuable business fable distills the formula developed by Sean C. Castrina, a serial entrepreneur and one of the most endorsed business authors in America. Wrapped in a gripping tale of high stakes business, the tools revealed within will help the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow build a giant and disrupt the status quo. You won’t be able to put down this brisk page-turner that takes a revolutionary and entertaining approach to teaching essential lessons for the aspiring entrepreneur and organizational trailblazer. Is there an entrepreneur inside you?


“Critical business principles in a delightful story form.”– Dan Miller
N.Y. Times Bestselling Author of “48 Days to The Work You Love”
“This book will inspire and motivate you to succeed as an entrepreneur–one of the greatest adventures in life.”Brian Tracy
Author of “The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success”
“An easy, quick read packed full of insights that will inspire you to take your business to greater heights.Jon Gordon
International Bestselling Author of “The Energy Bus”
“Leaders are readers.  Amplify your opportunity to succeed and read this book!”Tim Sanders
Bestselling Author of “Love is the Killer App”
“Sean Castrina is like the Og Mandino for entrepreneurs.  Read The Greatest Entrepreneur in the World and you’ll see why.”Jeff Goins
Bestselling Author of “The Art of Work”
“Engaging stories with important learnings!”Ed Hess
Professor of Business Administration & Batten, Executive-in-Residence, Darden Graduate School of Business


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