8 Unbreakable Rules For Business Start-Up Success

Simply the most endorsed start-up book ever written. Hailed by the academic community, N.Y. Times Bestselling authors as well as established entrepreneurs.If you cannot afford to fail, this is the one book you want to read. Written by a 20-year serial entrepreneur, in a straightforward language with key takeaways and action steps, this book guides you through the rules to follow for starting a successful business.


“This book will inspire and motivate you to succeed as an entrepreneur–one of the greatest adventures in life.”

Brian Tracy, Author of “The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success”


“8 Unbreakable Rules captures the soul of business that has made our country great…” -Dan Miller, N.Y. Times Bestselling Author of 48 Days to The Work You Love
“8 UNBREAKABLE RULES FOR BUSINESS START-UP SUCCESS is the most practical start-up book I have ever read.” –John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine
“Starting a business is like finding your way around a dark room. This book is your flashlight; it provides practical and insightful guidance to find your way without hitting your hip on the corner of the table.” -Jerry Nemorin, Founder and CEO of LendStreet
“I love its simple language, written in a way that makes you want to keep reading, and finally someone gives the real warning signs before you leap.” -Kirk Litton Owner and President of Hometown Columbia Media WWNU-FM & WWNX-FM Columbia, SC
“This book is real. I commend Sean on distilling the lessons he has learned the hard way into rules even entrepreneurs would not want to break.” -Saras D. Sarasvathy University of Virginia, The Darden School Author of Effectuation
“As I read through this compendium of excellent advice, I could only regret that it had not been written 40 years earlier; at a time when I really needed it. Even now, as a well seasoned entrepreneur, I will keep this book in my reference library.” -Ben Foster President of Hightech Signs
“This book provides insights into the process of planning and launching a business that demonstrate the author’s seasoned perspective. This work will be a great benefit to anyone who is considering entrepreneurship.” -Robert Klonoski, JD, DMgt Assistant Professor of Business Administration-Mary Baldwin College
“This book delivers straight talk to ‘the rest of us,’ the business wannabes who just need some no-nonsense guidance to jump start the process of getting a business from nowhere to now here. A must read, and reread, for those who want to walk their talk and realize their dreams.” Peter van der Linde Owner of van der Linde Recycling
“Obviously no book can guarantee success in your business journey but the principles in 8 Unbreakable Rules sure can help you to avoid ‘unnecessary’ catastrophes and stress.” -Matt Henderson President and C.E.O. of MEMCO
“Our business depends on successfully recruiting entrepreneurs and providing them with everything we can to help them succeed in their publishing business and this book will be a training manual.” -Carmen Ames President of ‘HomeTown’ Magazines
“My entrepreneurial journey is fairly new, so I am so glad to have gotten my hands on this book, as it has already steered me clear of some ditches I was sure to step in.” -Phillip Meyer Founder of Auto Paint Wizard
“Finally, a start-up book that tells you what the hell not to do.” -Mark Gordon Owner of The Bike Factory


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