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What to Do When Your Startup is Not Growing

What do you do when your startup is not growing? You make changes to things that are not working The order of things to evaluate and change Marketing- are we attracting enough customers Target Customer is not who you thought it was so the message is not resonating...

What to Look for in a Great Business Idea

Do you have the full range of ideas that form of your business you like? If you don't have the initial ideas, how are you going to realize it? What are your steps and strategies to get this kind business? What I like and look for in a great business idea? How fast can...

The One Strategy That Always Fails a Startup

Which strategy or philosophy most often leads to a startup failure? The founder believing if they build it customers will follow. It is the idea that if you build something great because you will think it's great and customers will buy it. This is a bad strategy. The...

How to Test Your Product Ideas

How do I test to see if there is a demand for my product idea? Pre-sell it and or sell it anywhere you possibly can to see if there is a demand for it. You can do a quick website and pre-sell it with an incentive to pre-buy.

Great Entrepreneurs DO ONE THING EVERY DAY

What is the best morning habit for entrepreneurs? Have your day blueprinted. Know exactly what you need to get done that has the greatest impact on your company. Execution and leadership are what an entrepreneur must have and the ability to lead yourself is where you...

INTERVIEW: $2 Billion Man: Paul English (Kayak,

Paul English is the CTO and co-founder of, where he oversees product strategy, definition, design, and development, working closely with customers to make sure that Lola’s newest features are well received by users, and that they become “must haves” not “nice to have”. He also makes sure Lola’s products are innovative, fast, and beautiful with the objective of completely shattering the soul-sucking experience today’s business travelers must endure when planning travel.

Paul was previously the CTO and co-founder of Kayak (took public then sold to Priceline), and he also co-founded GetHuman (ongoing), Boston Light (sold to Intuit), and Intermute (sold to Trend Micro). Separately, Paul is an investor in dozens of startups, and he sits on six nonprofit boards. You can read more about Paul at

Where to Invest When Starting a Small Business

What are the key areas I need to invest in when starting a small business? Sales, sales, sales which typically means more marketing, marketing, marketing. In all seriousness when you are in the startup phase you focus on attracting and selling customers. Yes, you do...

Be Critical of Bad Ideas

How do you support your partner’s business idea when you don’t believe in it? You don’t blindly support a bad idea you improve their idea with feedback and critical analysis. I have ideas all the time that I think are brilliant and then my business partners poke holes...

How to Solve Big Business Problems

What steps must a business or person take to solve business - related problems? How to Solve Big Business Problems Know for sure what the problem is Know what the potential fallout/ collateral damage could be What are all your options? Who can you get good...

What It Is to Be a Lean Entrepreneur

What is a ‘lean entrepreneur’? You start with very little enough to get it going and nothing else and bootstrap to grow your business which means you reinvest your profits back into the business without bringing on outside investors.

The Advantages of Subcontracting

What are the advantages of subcontracting to a business? You do not have ongoing labor expenses. You pay as you have a need and subcontract that need out. There are pros and cons of both. If it is a sporadic or temporary need subcontractors are great. I have found...

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