How to stay away from these three common startup traps!


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You Fall So In Love With Your Idea That You Will Not Accept Criticism

All my ideas sound amazing in my head until I say them out load or expose them to criticism. Criticism tests my idea. If it can’t make it through the criticism of my partners, then the market will beat the heck out of it!

Beta test the idea to see if the marketplace is wanting what you’re selling. 


You Have a Bad Team Led By a Bad Leader

If you’re a bad leader you will not attract high-level talent. Your insecurity will lead you to higher people who are less than stellar at performing the work required. 

You need a great team, LED by a great leader. 


You Tend to Lose Focus and Jump to Something Else

Don’t get distracted by the shiny object. Fortify your business. Don’t lose focus on what is making you money in your startup. 


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