Get More (and Better) Clients – Joe Stolte

Joe Stolte is the author of the book Tractionology and the creator of the Tractionology Business Accelerator Program, which is a 90 day ‘done with you’ coaching program that helps purpose-driven consultants and coaches double their business, develop an...

What Investors Want In an Idea

I have a business idea which has $1.5T potential but don’t know how to get investors. How do I get investors? Investors don’t invest in a potential idea and for that matter ideas at all, they invest in an idea that has better than average odds of succeeding...
Ep 318: 4 Must Have Business Goals

Ep 318: 4 Must Have Business Goals

Welcome back to another teaching podcast! Today we are talking about 4 goals you must-have for your business!   Check out this episode!   I’m sharing with you four must-have business goals. I don’t care what type of business it is. I have people...


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