Joe Stolte is the author of the book Tractionology and the creator of the Tractionology Business Accelerator Program, which is a 90 day ‘done with you’ coaching program that helps purpose-driven consultants and coaches double their business, develop an unshakeable mindset, and unlock incredible freedom in their personal lives.

Over the last 10 years, Joe has created over $1 billion dollars in enterprise value for his clients and in his own companies by focusing on the basics of business: strategy, sales, systems, and people.

From scaling a startup to a $500 million dollar valuation to boot-strapping and selling his own digital marketing agency, Joe has been in the trenches and understands how to help entrepreneurs simplify, focus, and execute on the ‘one big domino’ needed to scale.

Joe is also an active investor in emerging technologies, real estate, and digital assets. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Judy and his son Journey.


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