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Ep 181: 7 Roadblocks to a Startup

Ep 181: 7 Roadblocks to a Startup

Seven major roadblocks stop people from starting a business. In today’s podcast, Sean shares seven reasons why people don’t start businesses and breaks down those barriers. Don’t let these roadblocks block you from living an amaziong life as a successful entrepreneur.

Bonus 59: Crisis Management

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Ep 179: Arnie’s Army

Ep 179: Arnie’s Army

Are you able to build a group of loyal followers for your business? Delivering on promises, exceeding expectations, and providing the highest quality of service are strong ways to create loyal followers for your business.

Ep 177: People vs Talent

Ep 177: People vs Talent

How do the Patriots always have the best quarterbacks? That is because Bill Belichick looks for people, not talent. In your business, look beyond what a person can produce for your company and look at the person and their intangibles and other skills.

Bonus EP 57: Just Say No

As entrepreneurs, we can be tempted to say yes maybe more often than we should. In order to really be focused and successful, you may need to say no many many times. Just because you may be able to do something, should you?

EP 175: The Big Idea

EP 175: The Big Idea

Forget the big idea. Take action on a good idea. Too many people don’t move forward with a business because they are waiting for the big idea. None of Sean’s businesses have been the big idea, but they make significant profit. Your good ideas can make you money without having to be the big idea.

Bonus EP 55: Methods of Operating

In this relaunched bonus episode Sean shares how to develop a method for operating your business. As an entrepreneur have you established guiding principles for your business that will inform making decisions without delay. Develop your own methods of operation.

EP 172: Being a Disrupter

EP 172: Being a Disrupter

Sean discusses examples of businesses that have disrupted the marketplace and culture. The people that come up with big ideas deserve to be billionaires. Encouragement for entrepreneurs to go for it when it comes to disruptive ideas.

EP 169: When to Pay the Big Money

If you pay peanuts you get monkeys. When there is an expertise or experience that you lack, consider laying out the big money for the right person. When someone can take your idea or your business further and/or faster, bring that person on!

EP 167: Staff Meeting

Here are some tips for an effective staff meeting. Who is leading it? What was the purpose? Cover time-sensitive material, follow ups, assignments, long-term goals. No meetings just to have a meeting.

EP 166: Motivators

Money is not always the motivator. It could be faith, family, or flexibility. From the very beginning try to understand what motivates people. In order to help people grow and expand their capacity, you have to know what motivates them.

EP 161: The Perfect Job Interview

Whether you are interviewing people to work for you or may be interviewing for a job yourself, here are the top qualities to focus on. Based on hundreds of interviews over 20 years as well as conventional wisdom in the job market, Sean shares his tips for “the perfect interview.”

EP 159: Customer Complaints

Sean shares how customer complaints can be your best friend if you use them correctly. Emails and texts should be avoided if possible. Acknowledging the issue within 24 hours, schedule a meeting within 2 days, let them talk, suggest a solution and then follow through within a week. You can make a fortune by making customers happy.

EP 156: Why Companies Don’t Set Goals

Too many small businesses just seem to run to survive. In this podcast, Sean teaches some of the reasons why companies don’t set goals. They may lack vision or leadership. Sometimes they don’t want to invest in the critical thinking required to measure and carry the goals out.

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