I think this is a critical characteristic of successful entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, you’ll have to endure negative criticism. You need to be like teflon, where criticism easily rolls off of you and doesn’t stick. CONFIDENCE, not arrogance!

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Don’t Allow Others To Diminish Your Confidence

People who do this lack confidence and make themselves feel better by diminishing YOU. It doesn’t mean you don’t take advice or criticism. You do, but you don’t allow this person to diminish your confidence.


Know That You’re Here For a Purpose

This doesn’t have to be a spiritual thing, but I believe that human beings are extraordinary in their abilities and creativeness. Everyone’s purpose is different, but you need to know that you are here for a reason.


Surround Yourself With People That Build You Up

I want to be around people that support what I do and build me up. Of course they have their opinions and criticisms but they CHEER FOR MY SUCCESS.


Grow Your Areas of Strength And Giftedness

This will build your confidence in these areas more and more. Be highly skilled and great at something. People don’t pay for good, they pay for GREAT. GREAT is where the money is.


Be Self-Disciplined

It’s difficult to be confident when you are grossly out of shape, eat poorly, sleep until noon, etc. You need some level of discipline to do the things that other people don’t want to do.


Achieving Goals

You might have to get some momentum from smaller goals, but they will get bigger and bigger as you succeed in the smaller ones. When you achieve goals, you grow your confidence.


Move On From Failures

Failure is really only when you quit something you should not have. Failure is nothing more than painful/expensive data. You learn and you move on.


Get A Small Win Every Day

Whether it’s making your bed, abstaining from alcohol, working out, find a small win every day that builds your confidence. Plan on winning today!


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