As a teacher, Sean Castrina continues to produce daily content that addresses real life challenges of an active business owner and aspiring entrepreneur.  Sean is actively pursuing his mission of equipping entrepreneurs for success through the best podcast for today’s entrepreneur, The 10 Minute Entrepreneur, the video series, Developing the Entrepreneur Within, his best selling books and his webinars.


These podcasts are intended to equip and encourage business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Each informative and encouraging session is taught by active business owner, best-selling author and teacher, Sean Castrina.

A message from Sean:

I’m excited that you’ve chosen to listen to and more importantly grow your business knowledge by listening to the most practical and actionable podcast for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, taught by a current business owner. I’ve also written some bestselling books like the Eight Unbreakable Rules for Business Startup Success as well as the fictional tale the Greatest Entrepreneur in the World. In these podcasts, I will share with you what I’ve learned in over twenty years of owning countless businesses in a variety of industries. My goal is to save you money and teach you how to make substantially more as well as to help you avoid unneeded aggravation and stress. Each week we will drill down on one key item that has been shared by one of our listeners, one of our staff or that has been brought up during our partner meetings. These items are what are usually facing or irritating my businesses and need to be addressed. I encourage you to learn from my mistakes, as lessons learned from a second-hand story are a lot less expensive. You can always email me directly at advice@tenminuteentrepeneur.com and share with me something that you’d like me to teach.


One minute daily videos of stories, strategies and qualities to add to your repartoire.  These daily nuggets will help equip and encourage you to be a better entrepreneur. Each informative and encouraging session is taught by active business owner, best-selling author and teacher, Sean Castrina.


Dependable As a business owner, you need to be dependable if you want your staff to be dependable. If you're not dependable, you're not going to keep high level staff members. You need to be the example of being dependable. That means you don't have to be reminded to...


Learner What does this mean? It means you're constantly growing your knowledge level, skill, areas of strength, your ability to understand your industry and your ability to run a business. What this means is you're always trying to keep growing, keep moving forward. I...

Stop Thinking Like A Small Business

  Stop thinking and acting like a small business because you will run and get paid like a small business. Quote of the Week: “You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.” -Unknown   The Problem with Thinking Like a Small Business I...


Have you ever met certain people that they just don't have the second gear? They don't do anything faster than necessary? When you're starting a business, growing a business, there will be key periods where urgency is required. You as the owner may be the only person...

Set Business Goals

Too many small businesses never set goals and therefore never grow. Quotes of the Week: “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible to the visible.” -Tony Robbins. “Goals are like magnets. They will attract the things that make them come true.” -Tony...


Manager What does that mean? Somebody within your group needs to be able to control the operations. Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur, but there has to be somebody overseeing operations. There needs to be somebody who's constantly delivering on the promises you...


Rainmaker What is a rainmaker? A rainmaker is that one person who can bring in the big client, the one person that you trust to close the biggest deal or the one person that you know is constantly working towards bringing in big revenue. It's great if it's you, but if...

The Importance of Learning

Podcast EP: 18 Getting An MBA in Entrepreneurship Your business will be as successful as you the leader are unless your partners are smarter than you in which case they are going to get rid of you.   Quote of the Week: “The more you read the more things you will know....

Be A Minimalist

To be a successful entrepreneur, you better start being a minimalist. It means you don't start a business with everything. A minimalist starts the business with just enough to get it going, but not much more than that. Why do I encourage you to be a minimalist?...

You Need A Lion

You better have a lion in your partnership group. There needs to be somebody who can confront that difficult client and say, “No, we didn't promise that, we can't give you that.” There needs to be somebody who can have the hard discussions with employees. I encourage...


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