It’s the qualities and habits you have that is going to set you apart. It’s not going to be a certain real estate deal or business day, but your personal qualities that make a difference.

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Do What You Promise

Are you trustworthy? You have to do what you say you’re going to do. Your employees, potential investors, partners, all need to trust that you are going to do what you say you will.

Do Things Better Than Expected

You want to be the person that exceeds what others think and are blown away by the quality of what you produce.


Improve Your Body Language

Good body language goes a long way and shows confidence and displays great energy. Do you shake hands well? Do you smile (take care of your smile!).


Do Only The Things That Make You Great

This is where you are most valuable and can make a living doing it.


Challenge Yourself To Do Things That Seem Impossible

You want to build the muscle that works on the hard things. Push for the impossible. Write the book, create the seminar or course.


Work For Free

Work for free to get in proximity to someone who is twenty years further down the road than you. I did this when I got out of college to gain incredible experience and it was a great deal for the company. If I did a good job, they could keep me and pay me. If not, then they lose nothing.


Improve Your Communication Skills

Go an improve class or speech class. Build that uncomfortable muscle. Communication is key and probably 75% of what I have to do is partially do to my communication skills.


Improve Your Ability To Listen

Add this to your skillset to be likable, win people over, develop empathy.


Build Your Financial Education

Read books that improve your financial knowledge. Do you know how to save, grow, and budget? It’s all in books


Be Disciplined

You have to be able to delay gratification for the benefit of your future.


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