Most of us who want to be entrepreneurs also want to build wealth and change our financial status. Each stage doesn’t always come in this order but you typically go through all eight.

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You understand there is value in a dollar. At some point you start realizing that having money is a good thing and becomes something you desire to attain.



You become an earner. You’re in the work force, changing jobs to earn more or moving up through the ranks.



You start to learn how to manage your personal finances. You gain a hunger to learn more about managing money.



One of the things you learn is to save and NOT live on every dollar you make. It’s a common characteristic of every wealthy individual. Pay yourself a 10% tax every month to your savings.



There are many tools to invest in, including Roth-IRAs and CODs. I’m also looking for other opportunities so I need to keep money on the side available for if one arises.



You protect your money by diversifying your assets. I learned this when I invested in a single stock that bit me in the rear. Diversify to decrease risk and increase probability that one of the assets you invest in pays off.



Look for opportunities to leverage your money in something new. This is a calculated bet. I’m looking for a 2x-5x return on my money.



I like to give back to organizations that parallel my value system and in the amounts that move the needle for those organizations. Giving generously is the most fun part of this process.


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