These podcasts are intended to equip and encourage business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Each informative and encouraging session is taught by active business owner, best-selling author and teacher, Sean Castrina.

A Message From Sean:


I’m excited that you’ve chosen to listen to and more importantly grow your business knowledge by listening to the most practical and actionable podcast for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, taught by a current business owner. I’ve also written some bestselling books like the Eight Unbreakable Rules for Business Startup Success as well as the fictional tale the Greatest Entrepreneur in the World. In these podcasts, I will share with you what I’ve learned in over twenty years of owning countless businesses in a variety of industries. My goal is to save you money and teach you how to make substantially more as well as to help you avoid unneeded aggravation and stress. Each week we will drill down on one key item that has been shared by one of our listeners, one of our staff or that has been brought up during our partner meetings. These items are what are usually facing or irritating my businesses and need to be addressed. I encourage you to learn from my mistakes, as lessons learned from a second-hand story are a lot less expensive. You can always email me directly at advice@tenminuteentrepeneur.com and share with me something that you’d like me to teach.

EP 1: Six Steps to a Winning Startup

Simple steps for starting a new business and succeeding in one! In this episode, active business owner and serial entrepreneur Sean Castrina breaks down 6 Steps that are the difference between a successful startup and one doomed for failure.  

EP 2: Vetting Your Startup Idea

Will it work? Here's how to find out. In this episode, active business owner and serial entrepreneur Sean Castrina talks about why not all ideas are winners. This vetting process will save you countless dollars and aggravation knowing what ideas to move forward on.

EP 3: Small Problems Still Need to Be Solved

In this episode, active business owner and serial entrepreneur Sean Castrina talks about how to keep all the problems from ending up on your desk. How to quickly solve problems and to know when you have a big one on your hands. - Part 1 of 2

EP 4: How to Solve the Big Problems That Can Ruin Your Business

In this episode, active business owner and serial entrepreneur Sean Castrina discusses the importance of resolving problems before they ruin your reputation and your business. - Part 2 of 2[vc_column_text]

EP 5: Why You Brand And Don't Just Advertise

The differences between successful companies are some businesses advertise and some build a brand. Building a brand is the difference maker.[vc_column_text]

EP 6: When and How to Brand

In this episode, Sean Castrina shares simple but proven steps to help brand your small business.[vc_column_text]

EP 7: The Customer is Not Always Right

Just because a phrase becomes a cliche doesn't make it true! In this episode, Sean Castrina shares why the customer is not always right.[vc_column_text]

EP 8: Delegating - The Skill That Makes You Wealthy

In this episode, Sean Castrina shares the ins and outs of delegating tasks to others.[vc_column_text]

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