EP 121: Marketing Through Great Messaging

Marketing is helping customers buy your product or service.  Communicate well why and how much the customer needs your product. Sean’s layered marketing approach.  Develop a consistent key message and think about how you are using available channels to...
EP 120: Stop Breastfeeding Your Employees

EP 120: Stop Breastfeeding Your Employees

Don’t be the bottle neck in your business! At some point you have to delegate and create a team that can be autonomous.  Don’t create a culture of dependence on you, the business owner.  You will stifle growth and limit opportunities. Check out...

EP 119: Investing in a New Venture

Some questions that Sean asks when presented with an opportunity to invest in a new venture.  Always watch for warning signs, red flags and make sure you can stomach the losses that do happen. Check out this...


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