EP 139: Profile Employee

Sean shares more every day, real life tips to encourage and equip aspiring entrepreneurs.  You need to know what talent looks like or you won’t recognize it even when it’s sitting right in front of you. Sean shares the qualities that Warren Buffet and...

EP 137: Is It a Business or a Hobby?

Sean shares the difference between hobbies and businesses. Most of the time MLMs are not businesses. There is nothing wrong with them but are they really businesses? Is your business idea going to pay your mortgage? Do you have a wide customer base? Can you easily...

Bonus EP 38: Your Fired

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth” – JFK  As an entrepreneur, building the best team is critical. This will likely require firing people. Sean explores the why, where, when and how to fire a team member. Check out this...


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