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What I Learned in 2019

As we close out the year I want to share with you what I learned in 2019. I’m one of those types of people that journal and always try to glean something to learn from the previous year.

So what did I learn in 2019 that possibly will have some value to you?

Less Is Actually More

I have companies all over Central Virginia. I started looking at the math and the the leadership that it took to run the amount of locations that we had. The more I looked at them, the more I thought: why don’t we consolidate? I think we’ll make more money with less locations.

It’s tough for me to want to scale back anything. That’s not in my nature.

So, I learned the value that less is more and I’m actually making more money with one of my companies and less locations which was contrary to the way I thought.

The Customer Cycle

I recognize the value of a customer cycle after 20 years.

They become a first-time buyer and then they become a repeat customer. And then somewhere along the line you have a customer service issue or a conflict and when you solve that, you gain their trust. You become an advisor to them and the source they use for everything they can buy from you. They become your biggest fans.

I’ve learned this year more than ever the value of taking care of your customers. It truly is a relationship.

The Value of Sales

We started a new company this past year and I was with one of my partners last week and he kept talking about SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE.

I told him service makes you feel comfortable. And sales makes you uncomfortable. 

Sales is a number. Service is very abstract.

You either provide good service or you don’t.

Sales is a whole different animal.

I’ve can pay somebody $14 an hour that can handle customer service issues. I can’t get a salesperson for $14 an hour.

Sales is absolutely the engine of my business and I’d say probably your business as well.

Salespeople Are Your MVPs

They dictate your revenue more so than anyone. Anytime you get a chance to hire a top-notch salesperson, hire them. Just as well, anytime you’re interviewing and you think you’ve got a sales machine in front of you, hire that person.

People Pay You More for Better

I have never tried to be the cheapest company in town with any of the businesses that I own. I’ve always felt like we had a value proposition that made us better in regards to being a service company. The people that we put in your house are quality people. We just don’t have random people in your house and the work that we’re going to do is better.

Now…there are certain people that are cheap. There’s nothing you can do with them.

But generally, people will pay more for a better product or service.

Value of Books

I’m a big reader. You should be too.

I use Blinkist to get an overview of a book to see if I want to buy it. It’s a great way to get through a book quick and it’s also a great way to get a recap of books that I’ve already read.

I Don’t Want More Than 5 Things On My To-Do List

If I have more than five things on my to-do list, I have delegated poorly that day. Less is more.

I Know What My Main Events Are

I don’t try to schedule multiple main events everyday. I know where I’ve got to be on it for the day. I know my energy levels as I get older and I schedule my main events accordingly.

Redefine Retirement

I don’t plan to do it. I hope as I get older I am worth more.

I hope as I get older that I can delegate more. That I have a bigger team.

I hope as I get older than I’m able to spend more time in areas of passion, like charity.

Finding the Big Domino

Somebody took this from Tim Ferriss and shared it with me about his approach to his day. He said his daily routine is really pretty boring, but he may spend 20 or 30 days finding out what is the one big domino he needs to knock down that’ll knock down all the other dominos.

So I’m looking for the one big domino I can knock down this month, this quarter, this year. I’m trying to find the pieces that are key to growing my businesses or pushing through obstacles.

Money Does Buy Happiness

This is kind of controversial.

I have people that clean my house and mow my grass and I’m happy when I come home and they’ve done it and I don’t have to do it. That makes me happy.

I’ve had incredible memories with my family. My son and I have gone to see Connor McGregor fight at Madison Square Garden. We took a limousine out and a limousine back. That makes me happy.

Most marriages, the number one thing they argue about is money. It’s number one cause of divorce. If you ask Americans what keeps them awake at night the most, it’s somehow money-related. I don’t have that problem and that makes me happy.

I gives you more options. It gives you more and better help. When I have situations I need help with, I can bring the best people into advise me.

I’ve learned that money you know what it does make me happy and I’m not ashamed of it.

Happy New Year!


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