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Great marketing makes more sales. Simply put, companies go out of business for one reason 99% of the time: They don’t make enough sales to stay in business. You need to have great marketing, you need to constantly be attracting more target customers. 

Why is great marketing important? Why does it make more sales for you? Because if you bring in more leads who are your target customer, it makes selling much easier.

If you have great marketing, it’ll bring in more leads who are your target customer. If 9 out of 10 people that reach out to you are just not qualified customers, it means 90% of your money is going in the wrong direction towards marketing.

Great Marketing is Finding Your Ideal Customer

I want the leads to be target customers, and that’s great marketing. Great marketing brings in my target, my ideal profile customer. This is the person who is most likely to buy from us. See, that’s why great marketing makes more sales.

Great Marketing is Pre-selling the Customer

The customer is already wanting you’re offering. Basically what pre-sales do is all the heavy lifting. It’s selling during the entire process so that by the time they reach out to you, they already want to buy it.

Let me explain it another way. I do what’s called layered marketing with my companies. Anybody who calls us, they’ve probably heard a testimonial, they’ve probably heard or seen a call-to-action ad. They’ve probably seen what I call a credibility ad, where they see all the awards we’ve won. I’m always selling. I’m pre-selling these customers so that when my partners go out to sell them, I already want the hard, heavy lifting, to be done.


Great Marketing Creates a Brand

If you’re creating a brand, your marketing should create a good reputation for that brand. Your brand is a reflection of your reputation and what it is people expect.

What is it that they associate with your company and the outcome of using your product and or service? Great marketing will help build your brand and with it your reputation. It’s hard to sell somebody if you don’t have a good reputation.

Great Marketing Builds Value and Justifies the Cost

When you see a Rolex commercial, and you see that watch on the wrist of the most acclaimed people, you already know that it isn’t cheap. When you watch a  gold tournament, you see it on Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, you see it on Tiger Woods and late great athletes to current athletes. I don’t think you look at that product and go, “That’s probably inexpensive”.

What are they doing? They’re building the value. They’re justifying the cost. They’re preparing you so you don’t get sticker shock.

Mercedes does that. What does BMW do? They put these ads in front of their target customer and they build the value and they’re trying to justify the cost, or trying to get you used to the fact that you’re going to pay a little bit more for their car. That’s what great marketing does.

How you market a $20 watch is much different than how you market a Rolex. You want to build value and justify the costs, and that makes it great marketing.


Great Marketing Provides Testimonials

I talked about this a little bit, BUT this is what I use in my layered marking. Good marketing provides testimonials because it removes objections and concerns.

Now, even if you don’t use testimonials to achieve that, good marketing removes objections and concerns. It overcomes skepticism.




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