Today we are talking about “How to INCREASE a Client Transaction”


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I’m going to share with you nine secrets in strategies to increase customers’ average purchase.

You Need to Want to Have Bigger Sales

Well, first, the reason why your purchases aren’t big is you’re just happy with a small scale. You’re kind of grateful. You have that mentality that you’re just glad they bought something. You have to get past that. I understand being grateful, but you gotta get out of that poverty mentality.

I remember when I first started my business, we wanted to do $2k a week, and so I was happy with the sale. Now, typically we do $120k a week.

Stop being happy with a small sale.

Spend that Little Bit of Extra Time to Make a Big Sale

Typically, it doesn’t take any longer to make a big sale that it does a small sale. It may require just a little bit more effort, but it’s not like it requires 10x more time to make a big sale than it does a small sale. So just understand that. This is common sense. Think of it like Sean’s Proverb, to you. 

A little bit of more time you may spend will lead to a bigger sale. We get so content with small that we’re not willing to do that just that little bit of extra to get that bigger sale.

Start Maximizing the Sale

You need to increase your customer’s average transaction amount.

This is the whole click funnel idea, where it gets you in and then you can’t get out because it keeps selling you something, Oh, but you need this and you need this and you need this. It’s never-ending. 

Understand Your Window of Opportunity

When somebody is buying from you at that moment, you have that customer right there in front of you. That is your window of opportunity. You’re like six times more likely to make a sale then than at any other time. This is where you upsell them. Have that in your playbook.

Ask Customers What More They Want

You would be shocked if you ask a customer what they want, they’ll tell you. In one of my companies, that’s how we started. We started with this very singular focus that now has eight divisions and we do a vast amount of different services. How did that happen? We asked customers what more they wanted.

Make the Sale Irresistible

Give them a reason to do it. Make it attractive, like the 2nd one is half-priced, all you have to do is pay shipping and handling, etc.

Make It Systematic

Train your staff to operate like a conveyor belt. This is how we sell.

That’s what makes funnels so successful. Once you get in a funnel, if you’ve ever been in one, you can’t get out. To get out, you gotta throw your computer away. You just gotta unplug it, because once you get into the funnel, you’re in.

So make it systematic. And how do you do that? You train your staff.

Treat Each Sale as a Win

It’s a win for everybody involved. When you increase your sales, you gotta view it as a win. It’s gotta be a part of your metrics for success. This is the objective. You get what you ask for. You get what you expect. 

Train Your Sales Professionals

Your sales professionals should be trained in everything I’ve just mentioned. If you don’t train your sales professionals and if their lifestyle only requires this amount of money to survive, that’s all the selling they’re going to do.

So I’m going to give you a bonus when here. You need to hire highly motivated sales people. If salespeople have nothing to do with your selling model, then your website needs to systematically bring people into a bigger sale.

If you don’t teach them how to maximize every transaction, it’s never going to happen. This leads to something else is called the lifetime value of a customer.


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