Today we are going into the raw truth of why you won’t succeed.


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So many people want to be successful. Let’s reverse that in this podcast. If you’re not succeeding at the level you would like to. or if your life is not what you would like it to be, I am sure it’s gonna be one of these six things I’m getting ready to share.

What I find is people are not willing to pay the price to be successful. That’s my overriding theme.

You Think It’s Going to Be Easy

You believe the money will come fast or you get involved in a get-rich-quick scheme.

This will help you Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, at age 47 was worth $70 million. Now, that’s a lot of money, but at 47, that’s not an earth-shattering number, but at 88, he’s at $80 billion. It goes from 7 to 10 fold in billions. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

And you somehow think it’s going to be easy. It’s not easy. You typically have to have a compound effect. Typically you do certain things every day that has a larger payoff later, but a lot of people don’t do anything. If anybody’s promising you something and it’s going to be easy, just know they’re lying to you. If you’re gonna buy a course and they say, this is easy, it’s probably a lie.

Now, they can give you some steps. They can systematize it to make it easier or to help you avoid mistakes, that’s true, but success is never easy.

You’re Not Willing to Sacrifice Anything

Well, you’re not going to be successful.

Going back to Warren Buffett, he never sold his stock. He got paid a fee to handle these accounts, and that’s what he lived off of. From what I understand in everything I’ve read, in all the stocks that he personally purchased, he’s never personally sold any off to support his lifestyle. So that’s a sacrifice.

Elon Musk worked 100 hours a week, Bill Gates, etc. We can go on and on.

I worked like a maniac into my mid-30s. I was building a company and took a job at the same time to help so that I didn’t have to take money from my company. I did two things at once and then took a sales job on Saturdays at a car dealership. So you’re not sacrificing anything.

You Have to Have a Skill

People will say I wanna make money, I wanna make money. Well, you could either work by the hour which is limited money in most cases, but if you’re trying to succeed, you have to have a skill, talent, or expertise. The skill or expertise that people are willing to pay for.

For example, when I went to the dentist, I paid him $120 for his time. I had a toothache. Then I went to see another dentist and it was just a slightly a little bit more, but then when I paid the oral surgeon who solved my problem I paid him eight times as much. See, the skill level just kept going up. The greater the skill…the greater the amount of money.

So you gotta have a skill, talent, or expertise. Find what are you good at. What do people compliment you on? If you think you have none of these, find things that you naturally like doing and then start doing them and see if you have success at it. Success leaves clues.

I’m telling you why you’re not successful. If you think it’s easy, you’re not gonna be successful. It’s hard. If you’re not sacrificing anything, you’re probably not successful. If you see that you’re sacrificing a great deal, you’re probably on the right path.

If you have no skills, talents, or expertise you’re probably not making very much money. Well, if you have a skill, a talent, or expertise, you’re probably moving up income-wise.

I love interviewing these sub-25-year-olds who are making a fortune. They’ve developed a skill, talent, or expertise. They became an e-commerce expert or they are an expert in some area of making money.

I had a gentleman on my show who is making money through Airbnb and we talked about how he was doing that. It was incredible. An endless amount of people on the podcast have shared how they’ve made money in areas I never saw.

You’re Not Working Hard Enough

That’s a mind that just thinks it’s easy.

When I go into something knowing it’s gonna be difficult. I know it’s probably going to be much harder.

This is going to be a podcast:

I had somebody tell me they wanted to work two hours a day and they told me this crazy amount of money they want to make and they wanted to know how they could do it. This person will never do it. I can tell that from just how they frame the question.

I could tell you how to do it, but it’s not gonna be easy. You’re gonna have to sacrifice something. You’re gonna have to develop a skill, a talent, or expertise to do it. And you’re gonna have to work your tail off.

When you work hard enough, it builds a surplus in your tank where you can make mistakes. For example, if I work 80 hours and 10 hours was in the wrong direction, I still have about 70 moving in the right direction. It’s the law of effort.

You Depend on Others

I do not have goals that require others. Those are dreams. A goal is measurable and it is bound by time. There are things that I can do to make it happen.

A dream requires help outside my sphere of influence to make happen. Those are massive things and I have some of those.

But I’m working on myself. I wrote the three books. I started 20 companies. I’ve gone and spoke at colleges and sacrificed my day and don’t take a fee. I started the podcast with just two listeners the first month. I got some people to help me that I had to bring on my team, but I wasn’t dependent on anybody. I recorded the podcast, I wrote the books, I started the companies.

Some of you are just waiting for somebody to give you a handout. It’s not going to happen like that.

So stop depending on others. If you are that’s a sure sign that you’re probably not gonna be successful.

You’re a Quitter

You can word it any way you want. No, you’re a quitter. You can’t stick with anything and thus you quit. Something gets hard and you quit. You’re not willing to sacrifice anything.

Oh, I don’t like that job. Well, great, that’s why they’re called a job! It’s not called a vacation, it’s a job.

I’ve done jobs I didn’t like, but I tried to learn from each of them. I tried to look at who was above me and what they did that was good and that I would do differently. I learned from them. I learned how to run a staff meeting. I was the last person in the pecking order, but I still learned what I liked and what I didn’t in their management style, how to interact and don’t talk over people, how to listen, how to plant ideas like a seed, and who I could network with.


Focus and pursue a goal for 12 months and see where you’re at. Now you’re moving in the right direction. That’s how you become successful. It’s never easy. You’re going to sacrifice something. You’re going to have to develop a talent, skill, or expertise. You’re going to have to work your tail off and depend on yourself initially. If you do something really good, others will join you. And you can’t be a quitter because it’s going to get tough, and you may not like what you’re doing, and you may not feel like there’s any pay off at times but it compounds in your favor.


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