Today we are talking about The 7 Attitudes Winners Have? Which attitudes do you have, or need to work on?


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A lot of people aren’t even sure what attitude means. It’s how you think and the behavior that follows that. Winners have a certain way that they think, and because they think a certain way, they behave a certain way.

How Life Starts is NOT How it Ends

Let me explain that a little bit. A lot of people are trapped in their childhood for one reason or another and they can never make the leap out of it. I like what Quincy Jones says. He says that, “Childhood trauma has a statute of limitations”.

It’s so true. Let me say that again. Childhood trauma and all the hardships in childhood, has a statute of limitations.

I understand some people going through horrific things, but at some point, you have to move past that. So the first attitude that winners have is how I start life is not how it ends. I can change things…

Problems are a Challenge but Nothing More

The last two months have been challenging. The hardest months I’ve had since I’ve owned the company. My partners I know were looking to see how I was going to handle it. I told them, Hey listen, these are just problems, they’re inconveniences, I will figure them all out, and over two months we did. Because I look at problems as a challenge. Unsuccessful people get paralyzed when there’s a problem.

I had a business partner, and when we would go through something, he wouldn’t come to work for like three days. He would let problems cripple him.

What’s going to keep you from being a great entrepreneur is, you’re going to face a problem and you think your staff’s going to solve it for you. They’re not. It’s not their job. They can help you with it, but it’s your company. Sometimes only you can solve the problem.

I have some podcasts on how I solve problems, I don’t necessarily do them all by myself, but again, a problem is a challenge.

Risk Has a Payoff

I like risk. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like managed risk, and the risk I’m willing to take at middle age is different than what I would have taken in my 20s. The only thing you have a stake in your 20s is time and money, all of which you can get back. But risk has a pay off, so the attitude that winners have is, Hey, I like risk. Why? Because risk has a pay off. I’m good with risk, I can handle it. I’ll bet on me any day of the week. That’s how I always feel, so risk has a pay-off.

So thus, winners can handle risk better than other people.

I Can Do Anything I Set My Mind To

Now, this is very cliche, but most successful people actually believe it. I do believe that I can achieve anything that I say highly focused at, that I relentlessly pursue, that’s within my area of giftedness.

See, I’m not stupid up to think I can do anything if I stink at it. I can’t set my mind to be an NBA basketball player at a whopping 58 years old, that’s not going to happen. But in the areas that I’m really gifted at, if I set my mind to do something and I relentlessly pursue it, yes, I believe I can achieve it.

If you look at my journal, you’ll know that to be the fact. I can do anything I set my mind to, though I did give you some qualifiers here.

I Don’t Need You to Like Me and I Don’t Care If You Don’t

This bothers my family sometimes because I really don’t care. They’ll be like, you can be so sharp sometimes and you don’t listen and you lack empathy.

No, no, no, you want me to like this person that I may meet once and listen to them for two hours, share a story that I don’t want to listen to. You’re right, I don’t care if they like me or not. We’ll go to a social event and I’m trapped in the corner by somebody and no, I’m not the person who’s going to let you just talk for an hour. Great, nice meeting you. Tell your wife I said hi and I’m out. because I don’t really care if you like me.

I had an altercation a little verbal back and forth with a high-end client recently, and they were in my face, and I just looked at them and gave them a nice piece of my mind. Nicely, but I didn’t take their crap. They were just so surprised: “Well, we have a real hard time with you, I can’t believe it.

I’ll get over it.

That’s what I told him. You not liking me is not going to hurt my feelings. I have 20,000 customers that really like us. You don’t need to like me. I tell my employees, you don’t need to like me, just do what I ask you to do. A get over the likeability thing. It’s hard to get anything great accomplished without offending somebody. I have people in my family, who think I’m the most arrogant S-O-B that’s ever breathed, I tend to think it’s just a little bit of confidence.

Arrogance is just being rude to people that can’t defend themselves, like you’re rude to service workers and things like that. That makes you an a-hole. That’s what you are.

But you don’t need to like me. And  highly successful people know they can get over that.

Failure Don’t Define Me

It only takes one win to change everything. It only takes one win on this one, great start-up. Nobody’s going to care about the ones that fail, so failures don’t define me. They are speed bumps to the road to success.

I Would Rather Lead Than Follow

Give me the ball  on the one-yard line. I want the ball.

I don’t mind following extraordinary people, people that are exceptionally better than me or have experience in something. Actually I want to recruit and get them on my team and partner with them,  I would rather lead then follow.

Your most successful people have that tendency. We tend to lead more than we follow.




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