Welcome back to another CEO edition podcast. If a genie came up to you up on the street and granted you 1 and only 1 wish… would you know exactly what to wish for?


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This is the mentoring edition. It’s a short one, but it’s kind of a profound thought. I think if you don’t know this, you’ll never be that successful.

If you were walking down the street and a genie came up to you and said, “I will grant you one wish…”, what would your answer be? 

I know what mine would be: I want to be a highly successful entrepreneur, a New York Times best-selling author with over one-million books sold and one-million books given away. I want to be a highly sought after speaker, teacher, and coach, with a highly impactful and profitable platform. That’s it. That’s what I would come back to the genie with. I know what it is I want to achieve.

I write that down every day and from that I can create my to-do list. I can create my weekly blueprint. I can create my quarterly goals from there. I can create my one-year goals from there. I know who I need to partner with because I know where I need help. I know things I can achieve by myself and where I need help.

There’s four components in there. There’s business entrepreneurship. There’s writing, which is something I love doing. There’s teaching and there is coaching, which is something I feel that’s kind of my purpose. That’s why I feel like it’s my God-given ability to communicate and teach.

I know what it is I’m trying to achieve and so I know how that fits within my business. I know how to prioritize my time. I know that’s why I continue to grow my companies because I believe that in fact gives me the credibility to host the podcast that I do and it gives me the material to teach. 

I wanted to give you an exercise for the week because I’m mentoring you. That’s what we’re doing. If I could only give you one piece of advice, know what it is you want. I’m not talking vague, I’m talking detailed.

I want to be able to sell more than a million books and give away a million books. That’s why my website, seancastrina.com, has a book you can  download for free. You can’t give away a million books if you don’t have a method to do that. 

If a gene came up to you and granted you one wish, could you quickly articulate exactly what you want out of life?



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