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Sometimes we set big goals for the year and the fall rolls around and none of them have been met. Let’s go through five things that could be the reason for that. 


You Don’t Have a Clear Goal

It sounds simple to create a goal but it isn’t. It has to resonate with the team and understand it. The objectives need to be clear. A twelve-year-old should understand what the goal is, whether that’s a certain amount of revenue, or sales, or add a location. 


The Goal is Not Realistic

If your team won ONE game the year before, you’re probably not going to win the Super Bowl the next year. Perhaps your goal should be more achievable, like have a winning record. 

In business, you may have hit half a million in revenue this past year, so your next year’s goals should be realistic, perhaps $1M, but not $5M. That would be unrealistic. 


There is no Buy-in from Your Team

Having unclear and/or unrealistic goals will cause this.


Inadequate Resources

You aren’t putting enough manpower/financial resources into achieving your big goal. It takes money and time to make things happen. 


The Strategy Is Flawed

You have the goal but you have no plan to achieve it. A goal without a plan is a dream. 

Create a strategy, assigning appropriate resources to it. 


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