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What we’re talking about today is, no vision, no greatness. It is hard to exceed at the highest level in anything without having a clear picture of what you want your company to become.

As a former Division I athlete, in the sports that I excelled, I had a clear vision of how I wanted my season to go and what I wanted to achieve at season’s end. I was a division one wrestler and I’d run in the mornings, and then I’d run at night. I would run and then I would lay down in my yard to kind of let all the sweat or work itself off, because you’re always cutting weight, and there I would envision winning a state championship or I would envision tough matches where my openent would never score on me. I visualized it like it was just clear. As clear as day.

I did the same thing when I started my company. I drove to a competitor’s parking lot and took a picture of how many vehicles they had in that parking lot and I would look at that every day because I had a vision we’d be bigger than them. We’d have more vehicles and we would be dominant.

Let me just share with you five components of having a vision that I encourage you to keep in mind.


1. Keep Your Vision Updated

I hear visions and they’re so abstract. It’s like, What are you saying? A 12-year-old should be able to read that vision and understand what about the vision is relevant. It needs to be relevant, real, and you need to keep it updated. It can’t be an archaic document. It needs to be updated.

2. Make Your Vision Inspire

When I interview employees, I’m always sharing my vision. One of the visions of my company was to be the leader in home repairs and projects.

3. Measure Your Vision

Can it be measured? In our area, you can win all these awards by the local newspaper, local TV station, local radio station. You can measure it by who is the most vehicles out on the road, it’s a measurable thing.

4. Know What Your Vision Needs to Bring It Into Reality

Now, it’s the hard work. I got this incredible vision, I have to make it into reality. When mine was to be the leader in home repair and projects, I had to win all the awards. You must have good staff to do that, so I only hire people with 10 years experience. We surveyed every employee. When you call our company, you don’t get a voicemail. You actually speak with somebody who has a general understanding of what it is we sell. We give you written estimates.

5. Find Employees that Fit Your Vision

How do your employees fit into the vision? When I am hiring someone, I pitch them and I share with them the vision and I share with them how we’ve already achieved in relation to our vision and what we do to make our vision happen. And I tell them, “This is how you fit into it.” I tell them how they will contribute to that vision.



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