Can you find hires that hit my thirty-point threshold? Learn how to quantitatively score your hires to find the best people to build your company with. #hiring #entrepreneurship #talent #itfactor


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You need to have a scorecard for your employees. This is a quantitative way for you to assess who is a desirable hire for your business. I’m going to share with you the six scores that I have for my employees and how I score them. Each of the six areas gets a value of one, three, or five. Two of these areas, the score doubles, with the goal being that the sum of the six scores for an individual meets or exceeds thirty!



They do the job exceptionally well. This is a score that can double for their scorecard, in my system. If they are very talented, they’re a ten. Otherwise they are a six or a two and less desirable.


They’re from the Area and Likely to Stay

It’s not as important as talent but I’ve found that there is a mile marker that once they work past that, they tend to not last as long. If they’re from the area or their wife is, you can score that as a five.  If they live further away, say sixty miles away, and/or they’re single, you might score them lower.


They Have a Reason to Come to Work

If they’re married, have kids, reasons to keep working, that’s a five. If you go home and tell your husband or wife you don’t want to go to work today, that’s not going to last very long. Kids are expensive! College, weddings. Single people with no family in the area don’t have the same reasons to come into work, statistically.


Management/Leadership Potential

Perhaps you can see this person running a division or leading others.


It Factor

You could see yourself potentially partnering with them. It’s different than leadership. I can’t explain it, but you know it when you see it. These are people who could go to a different area and do what you are doing in yours, helping you to expand. They have a little something extra, incredible sales ability, high energy, etc.


Are They a Cultural Fit?

Are they a team player? Likeable?


Figure out a score card that works for you. It may be different than the six elements I’ve listed here. Decide which ones are really important and can double. Maybe that’s technical expertise or an experience level.


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