This Friday we’re going over perils of hiring ex-employees and why not to, presented in a metaphor I think many will understand!

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Here is a tongue-in-cheek way of looking at common hiring mistakes. 


Never Take an Ex (Employee) Back

It doesn’t work! It never works! It won’t work the second time!


Never Date a Scorned Woman

This is an employee where at every previous employer, it didn’t end up well. It was never their fault! They put all the blame on their former employers and take NONE of the blame themselves…


Don’t Hire Anyone Late to an Interview (Within Reason)

If somebody can’t make it to the interview on time, what makes you think they’re going to be a good employee? What makes you think they’re going to make it to work on time. This is the beginning of the relationship and it’s a red flag


They Canceled the Interview and Have a Creative Excuses

They make elaborate excuses for their inability to show up to their interview. Don’t hire these people.


They’re Culture Killers/ They Have No Positive Energy

They bring down the culture that you have created for your business. They don’t interact well with others on your team. 


They Can’t Play a Position You Need

They don’t fit anywhere you need. Maybe you try to create a position for them because you want it work out. It doesn’t work out like that. Stick to the positions you need. 


Their Girlfriend/Boyfriend Drove them to the Interview

They don’t have reliable transportation. Stay away!



  • Have a Profile for Your Employees.
  • Pay more than what you initially think. 
  • Expand Your Search.
  • Interview All the time so you don’t make these hiring mistakes. 
  • Don’t just run ads when you think you need to. 


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