How can you find undiscovered talent? That’s what we’re talking about in this podcast…finding that underrated player that could be the game-changer for your organization!


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How do you find undiscovered talent? How do you find that 6th-round pick like Tom Brady that completely changes your organization for the better?


Know the Value of a Game-changing Hire

You need to learn to mine for gold. You have to go into the dirt and keep digging for that one person that is going to make a large, beneficial impact. Nothing will change your company more than the people who work for you, whether that’s an employee or a partner.


The Law of Volume

I run ads non-stop and I’m always interviewing people. My partners can interview too but this is one of the things I’m best at. I’m looking for the game-changer. 


Develop a Prototype

  1. They must be smart. You cannot train stupid.
  2. They have a reason to want to succeed at a high level. Someone who wants to better their life. They have ambition. 
  3. They have a skillset I value or talent. If I don’t have this then I don’t need them. 
  4. Or they have an “it” factor. They light up a room. I can feel the energy. 


Paint them a Vision

Talk to them with great confidence in what you see in them and where they fit within your company over time. I tell people where I see them in our company within X amount of time, making X amount of money. Get them to buy in to your vision.



Have a plan to take that person to the next level where they can run a significant level of operations for you. 


Repurpose/Reassign Current Staff

Moving people around who were maybe not fitting properly in their old position. 

I’ve done this a lot this past year, moving people around inside the company, turning some who were not performing that well under person A into employees who are newly invigorated and performing at a high level under person B. 


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