This week we look at PART 1 of rules I’ve come to live by when it comes to #business. #rulestoliveby 


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I Don’t Promise My Customers Happiness

Happiness is not in the contract. I can’t promise that!


I start over on Monday

“Start over” with no customers and no cash. It gets rid of complacency.


I Can’t Manage People Who Can’t Manage Themselves

I’m the KING of second chances but if you can’t make it to work on time or they have a drug problem, you’re not going to fix these people.


Business Is Math

You have this much income and this much costs so there is your profit and loss! Tell me what your average monthly influx of cash is. That will tell me what your runway is. Tell me what your three largest clients are.


If You’re in a Fire Just GET OUT

Don’t worry about HOW you got in the crisis. Focus on getting out of the fire first and then go back and figure out what went wrong.


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