Part 2 of my 10 Rules to Live By in #business. If you’re not saving money, you’re an employee!


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Don’t Change Horses In the Middle of the Race

If the project involves servicing a client and you switch your project lead out, they question you the rest of the way. Run next to them, DON’T replace them…Your clients will question why this person was working their project in the first place and the quality of the work they did.

This person also knows where the “bodies” are buried. If you need information out of them later it will be difficult to do that AFTER you’ve terminated them.


Better The Devil You Know Than The Devil You Don’t

Sometimes you have people who bring value to the business but they’re difficult in one way or another. What you don’t do is to replace people just to replace people. If they’re coming to work and doing a good job and you can trust them, keep them. NOT EVERY EMPLOYEE moves the needle. Some allow you just to not forfeit the game!


You Can’t Fix Stupid

Some are just not very bright. I’ve not figured out how to fix stupid. Some people are just best are doing simple robotic tasks and that may be their capacity.


If You’re Not Saving Money, You’re An Employee

This took me ten years to figure out. The tendency when you start a business is to extract as much money as you can to inflate your lifestyle. You need to put money away in reserves for R&D, scaling, or your rainy-day fund that is separate from the money you pay yourself.


Never Regret a Customer You Pass On

When I’m looking at potential customer projects, I’m interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing our company. Can we meet their expectations? Can we meet their deadlines?


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