This trial gave us a glimpse into what wealth IS and ISN’T. We’re talking about 10 Ways to Measure HEALTHY Wealth. You need at least seven of these! #health #wealth #relationships

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We all have 168 hours in a week but do you have freedom with your time? Are you working



If you don’t have your health, NOTHING else matters. You may be wealthy and working 80 hours a week but is it worth it if you are unhealthy?



Who could you call and have a great conversation with? Who could you call when the world turns on you? I have the same five friends I’ve had since college and it takes work to keep cultivating those relationships so we take trips together and schedule time to spend together.

Keep key relationships that encourage you and support your dreams.


We’re all given and develop certain skills that we use throughout life or develop at certain times in life. Are you sharpening those skills?



Are you happy doing what you’re doing? Is it just about the money? Would you do it for free?…Then you have a career.


Mentors & Partners

Do you have people around you pushing you to go to the next level and/or people who inspire you to push yourself further. Are you in close proximity to people who can change your future?


Adventurous Lifesyle

Are you active? Are you doing cool/fun things. It doesn’t necessarily have to be dangerous activities e.g. cliff diving…but I like to white-water raft for example and I love to play golf.


Peace of Mind

If you are constantly bombarded with mental stress, it’s not good for you AND MONEY DOESN’T MATTER. You need to have some level of peace of mind.



Having a relationship with your creator is important. I understand not everyone subscribes to this.



This is legacy building. What are you doing that is going to outlive YOU? It’s having purpose and impact on others. I want to Equip, Encourage, and Educate entrepreneurs. Everyday I wake up that’s the singular thing I want to do outside of my business and outside of making money so I can help them.


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