I never learned these while studying for my undergraduate or graduate degrees!
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Can you make your company/yourself stand out in a crowd? Learn how to differentiate yourself from anyone you are with.

In my first job, I went to dinner with my CEO the first night and asked what I needed to do to stand out. He told me, I did it, and I had a successful time at the company.

My first company, a mobile detailing company, had a very catchy tagline, an easy to remember number 888 933 3824 WE DETAIL on the side of the van and a great logo. It’s a highly profitable company thirty years later, twenty-two years after I sold it… and THEY STILL detail my car! It stood out and allowed me to sell it for good money.

College teaches you how to do a lot of things well but it doesn’t teach you how to stand out and differentiate yourself.


Selling & Persuasion

The ability to communicate and encourage people to do what you want them to do. I’m not talking about manipulation.

My first company, I partnered with someone who could performed the cleaning and detailing while I promised I could make the phones ring and create the infrastructure. I was able to persaude him to agree to this structure.

For my direct mail magazine company, I persuaded people that they could build their business in their own area and make us both successful.

I’ve used persuasion with partners as well as clients.

I never took a class on selling and persuasion!


Execution of a Task Without Delay

There are certain things that have to be done TODAY, THIS WEEK. When my partners ask me to do something, I never ever want to be reminded that I need to it. I want to execute it without delay and faster than they expected.

I never learned this in college. My roommate would create to-do lists and that’s where I learned this.

Start every day with a list that needs to be done, which is most important and when it needs to get done by.



“If Asses Don’t Move When You Talk, You’re Not a Leader”.

There’s people who will give up what they are doing to join you because your vision is bigger. Leadership is paid very well. Having someone who can manage top to bottom is valuable.


Wealth Building

I started studying money and how much I should save versus spend, then how to invest. Then I started learning about real estate.

If you were to buy $300k of Amazon stock, you’d need $300k to do it, but with real estate, you only need about 3.5% as a first-time home-buyer. That’s about $10.5k for a $300k house. Now you have an asset that is typically going up in value and you can rent out/get tax benefits from.

These are the things you need to learn about. I love owning companies but I also love owning stock and real estate and building investments.

These are skills I never learned in college.


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