The importance collecting and maintaining valuable #talent within your #business. Your staff is the number one indicator for your ability to scale. Be the General Manager of your business!

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Find Apprentices and Introductory Level Talent

These are people with room to develop. You match them with your older, more talented people so they can learn the ropes from someone who’s been there and seen it all, someone with experience.


Mix and Match Lineups

Some times people get lazy or stagnant and you have to move them around. This is what Nick Saban does. He moves different players around to different positions/responsibilities in search of the best combination of players.


Ask What They’d Like to Do!

I do this every year with my team members. It mixes up their responsibilities, keeps them from being stagnant, and gets them doing something they want to do!


Create Depth

I will hire some people whether I need them or not. I try not to be in a NEED scenario. I build depth. Now I’m FOUR DEEP at one of my positions in my company.


Creating Force Multipliers

Similar to mixing and matching but different. This is when you find combinations of people where the output is greater than the sum of their parts.


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