These are things you constantly do in leadership positions and/or as an entrepreneur, but you have to understand who you’re talking to and the timing of your confrontation, correction, or motivation.

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Don’t Treat People Like Children

It’s easy to that that. Some staff members can be passive. Some are going to be alphas. Talking down to either is not going to go over well. Know the type of people you are confronting.


Know WHEN to Talk to Your Team Member

I don’t get into confrontations first thing in the morning. It will ruin the entire day. A confrontation can impact the rest of the day negatively.

Never do it in the middle of a major project. For my business, it could result in them quitting in the middle of the project or a firing.


Do Not Confront Them In front of Others

There’s no reason to dress someone down in front of others. You have to take that person aside. If you don’t, you’ve created a toxic situation and you will lose respect as a leader.


Never Make a Threat Unless You Can Live With the Outcome

Don’t threaten to fire someone unless you can live with it. I once did this at a poor time and I had to rearrange several other jobs to get the current one done. The customer was not happy because they liked this person.

What I should have done was let him finish the job and then bring up the problem.


Understand What Works With Each Employee

There are different personality types. Some people are more intense and some are more quieter. You need to mirror your temperament to them. Use a style that works best with each one of them.


Start With What They Do Well

Compliment their effort, their talent, their work, dedication, then make the correction and sandwich it with another compliment.


Use Motivation As Necessary

Use it like a spice. It doesn’t need to be every day. For older employees, motivational talks can wear thin. Treat it like using salt and pepper: as necessary.


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