There is value in being first to the marketplace with a product/service but it is not necessary. Google wasn’t the first search engine. Apple didn’t create the first phone. Before Facebook, there was MySpace. Instead, I think you should swim in shark-infested waters! In fact, YOU should be the baddest shark in the water. Let me tell you why…

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When you go where there is competition, you know there is a proven market there. You know it works. You know there is a demand for what you’re trying to sell. There’s very little guesswork involved in setting up a marketing plan because you have the ability to look at the competitors in that space. 


You HAVE to differentiate yourself. You will need a different value proposition than your competitors to set yourself apart from them, whether that is in customer service, pricing, support, quality, etc. 

Be the BADDEST shark in the water. If you do that, you’ll be fine…


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