had business partner who EVERY time we had a massive decision to make he would avoid coming to work for a few days. Making decisions CRIPPLED him.

“You never have more than eighty-percent certainty”
-Colin Powell

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You can only make decisions on the facts you have at the time. Sometimes it doesn’t work out! You will rarely have every piece you need.

Here is what I ask myself when I’m making such an important decision.

Do I Have a Deadline?

I have caught myself before making decisions too fast. If I have seven days to make a decision, I might make it in fifteen minutes when I don’t need to.

I’ll write the decision down in my notepad and let it percolate in my brain. Maybe I’ll work on it a little each day.

What’s At Stake?

What is the risk associated with making a particular decision? What does it matter? Sometimes it’s the future of your company at stake.

One time there was a company that started taking pieces of our name, put a location on our street, and even started taking pieces of our phone number as theirs! At that point I had to make a decision to defend our company.

Do I Need More Information For a Good Decision?

What information do I already have and what more do I need?

Do I Need a Better Understanding?

I have information but I maybe need to better understand the downside better, or the players involved. This is where I might get another person’s opinion like my lawyer or accountant or business person.

What Are ALL of My Options?

There is no perfect outcome but I want to know all the available options. Some will present different amounts of downside. I like to write them all down and review them.

Make the Decision Work Until It Doesn’t

I will give new startups and investments timeframes for success. Then I write down the criteria that makes it a success for me in terms of market share or return, etc. That takes emotion out of it. I can come back 180 days later and make a decision on it.


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