As you move up in life you get more flexibility. What I’m giving you today can really take you to the next level! #flexibility, #prioritize, #listmaking

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Have a Plan

Plan out each week and day. You see NFL coaches on the sidelines with color coded play-sheets and game plans? I plan to that level of detail almost as well!


Stick With Your Strengths

What do you do well? That’s where you need to put your time.


Delegate Everything That Isn’t Your Strength

At the beginning of your day/week, find what you want to delegate so you can stick with your strengths.


What Moves The Needle?

Find the one big thing for the week that will nock down, several other things get knocked down. That’s how you get extraordinary things accomplished.


Take Breaks

I typically work in 40 minute periods of time. If I do more, I lose my creativity. I get up, walk around, take the dog out.


Work In Great Spaces/Locations

I have multiple locations in my house or at the offices to work in. There’s a conference room down stairs I can take for myself. At home I can work on the porch.

Sometimes I just need to move away from my desk and work somewhere else.


Prioritize Tasks

Don’t start the day working on the fifth item on your list.


Don’t Multitask

Focus, Focus, Focus. You never do as well as if you stay drilled-in on one thing.

Break Projects Into Pieces

Right now I’m working on the 2023 The Weekend MBA and it’s a large project I need to break it down into pieces…the sales page, hotel reservations, etc. I’ll break it down into pieces I can work on with my team.


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