If you structure a great day, the goals take care of themselves! Here are some things to do every day to create the biggest impact.

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Be Grateful

I try to be grateful for things that don’t involve money. A lot of people say that if you have money, life is so much better and I don’t deny that…I’d rather have a problem with money than a problem without money.

At my age (middle aged), you’ve seen people die of cancer, car accidents, relationships end, or their lives take a wrong turn. There’s so many things to be grateful for.


I Plan My Day

At the close of my work day, I plan the next day very quickly on a 5”x7” notecard. I write out the top five things and a basic schedule, and underline the most important thing.

However you do it, don’t go into a day you haven’t planned!


I Exercise

I typically exercise twice a day. Being a former college athlete, I’ve always been into fitness. I have a 30 minute morning routine and then I play tennis at the university facility.


I Drink a Lot of Water

It makes your skin look better, it clears out your kidneys. There are a whole host of benefits. So I start my day with about 16oz of water. It is said that your brain is dehydrated to start the day.


I Journal

I write down what I’m grateful for, my goals, what my perfect day look like, things that bother me/decisions I need to make.


I Write Down My Goals

I have my daily, short term, and long term goals.


I Earn Money

I spend money every day so I need to earn money to support that! I need to look back at my day and see that I did something that earned me a significant amount of money.


I Think

I like to activate my brain, play through scenarios, etc. Sometimes it may be a problem or it’s something I want to achieve. I need to evaluate how things are changing and how to adapt/innovate.

I want my brain to be active.


I Read

I want to read and learn every day for about thirty minutes. If it’s a book, I take notes on a blank page near the front cover, where I break down the book into the most important three concepts to me.


I Take Action On the Main Thing

What is the one thing I can do that has the most impact? Which domino knocks down all the others? What is the main event for the day?


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