As we start the year, let’s talk about PLANNING. Verbalizing an idea is great…executing on an idea is great… but can you take an idea and create a PLAN that makes execution seamless?

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Put Your Plan on Paper

Gives Direction

You can begin with the end in mind and create waypoints for progress/steps.

Minimizes Mistakes

Seeing all my options in front of me allows me to eliminate some potential mistakes…as opposed to the jumbled-mess of ideas inside my head.

Saves Time

I can draw out the steps needed to accomplish the goals. Part of this may be removing steps that we don’t need in order to save time. I can eliminate redundancy and see ways to do things faster.

Saves Resources

Having my options laid out can potentially save resources. Some options will require more resources than others and that’s easier to see when it is laid out on paper.

Provides Focus

Writing out on paper provides a clarity/focus. 


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