In business, how much of success is simply “showing up”?

It’s what you do when you show up that makes the difference! Let’s ask some questions. When you “show up”…

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What Did You Learn?

Every time you show up, you have an opportunity to learn something. Owning business and showing up to perform my responsibilities opens many opportunities a day to learn something. A lot of these lessons become podcasts, or book topics, or speech topics!


What Can You Contribute?

You want to be a contributor. You should always feel like you can add something to the conversation, the situation, etc. Sometimes there will instances where the best thing to do is keep your mouth shut, but do your best bring value to the table.


Who Can You Partner With?

Every event, every golf outing…I’m ALWAYS looking for partners. I keep business cards of people I’ve met in my top draw with characteristics I liked about them…”great sales skills, great personality, etc.” So when I have a new idea I might have someone I can potentially partner with already.


Who Can You Network With?

This expanding a group of people that can be helpful at a later date. Sometimes I just need to be connected with someone. So I can look in my network and ask to be connected with someone else who I don’t have a relationship with.


Did You See An Opportunity?

I’m always looking for opportunities…but I don’t look for opportunities that do not have synergy with the projects I’m already doing. I don’t have time to chase all these rabbits. I’m looking for opportunities that help push the main objective forward.


Can You Take Action On An Opportunity?

This is when something really exciting happens. Something that you’re brainstorming yourself or with others develops into something exciting and


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