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Here are FIVE steps to getting (nearly!) what you want. Let’s talk about SUCCESS and how to achieve it.


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Know What You Want First

Articulate in GREAT DETAIL what it is you want. Be able to articulate, “I want THIS type of company, making THIS widget, producing THIS amount of income”…etc.


THEN Figure Out How

Break down your big want into all the steps you need to accomplish to get there.

E.g. You want to write a book. Well, you need to learn how to write a book, how to lay out your ideas. Then you need to write the book, edit it, find a publisher, etc.


Who Do You Need to Help Make It Happen

Everything I’ve tried to achieve, there’s always a “who?”. When I wanted to write a book, I reached out to great, famous authors on how to write a book, get a publishing deal, etc. I paid for their time or for lunch.

In other businesses, it might be a partner, investor,


Taking Action With Deadlines

A to-do list without a deadline means nothing. You have to write out the specific actions to take within a timeframe.


Adjust As Needed

Startups don’t go perfect often. A pivot will likely be required or an adjustment made in your business plan.


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