You’re focusing on the wrong things. Here is what you need to focus on that will improve your success!

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You’re Seeking SECURITY

You’re not willing to risk anything. You just want to stay in the same job for years and years on end.


You’re Not Focusing On WEALTH

You hear all the time, “You gotta save money”. And this is true to a degree, but when everyone else is thinking “savings”, you should be thinking about “wealth”. One is security, and one is wealth. I prefer wealth.


You’re Not Building Your NETWORK

I have some amazing friends, but if you’re trying to be successful, you may need to switch from focusing on friends to networking. You can have BOTH but they are not the same!


You’re Looking For SHORTCUTS

Seek expertise. There are no shortcuts to success. You have to put in the learning required to succeed. You have to put in the work required to succeed. Whatever your entrepreneurial passion is, you have to become an expert in it.


You’re Not Building QUIETLY

The world doesn’t need to know everything you’re doing, everything you’re building, saving, deals you’re making. Do some things that build your wealth quietly!


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