Guess what? There’s something MORE IMPORTANT than your morning routine. It’s your EVENING routine. I’m a fan of the morning routine, but I also recommend an evening routine after dinner but in advance of bedtime.

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Remove yourself from computers, phones, TVs.


Practice Gratefulness

Be grateful for what you have and any good things that occurred throughout your day.


Obtain Wisdom

What did you learn today? Did you learn something from a book? A partner? A client? An employee? Mind for gold at the end of the day!

What Would You Do Differently And How?


Practice Accountability

What did you do today to move yourself closer to your goals? Did you take action on the things you said you would?


Begin Planning

What is the major event for the next day? What are the things that need to be accomplished?


Visualize The Major Goal

What is the one goal that needs to be achieved. Spend three minutes to visualize it.


Breathing Exercises

Perform some breathing exercises to help relieve/reduce stress e.g. Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, breath out over 8 seconds, and repeat a few times.



Acquire new information through books, podcasts, audiobooks, youtube, etc.

“Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.”


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