Alan’s main mission in live is to help people build their own businesses and make money doing what they love. He does this at PopUp Business School by raising the money to pay for his workshops and then giving them all away for free. The Main three things Alan does are:

1. Pop-Up Business School – starting businesses and helping people make money
2. Running Financial Independent retreats around the world called Chautauquas
3. He has his own blog called

Pop-Up Business School
in 2018 PopUp helped 2300 people to start-up and make progress in their lives. We ran courses in Namibia, Colorado, New Zealand and 38 events all across the UK! We are an alternative business start up services that delivers workshops with huge energy and care that helps people make progress in their lives.

• We understand writing a business plan is not for everyone
• We believe you don’t need money to make money
• We excite and inspire people to want to start a business
• We deliver the latest online business models where people can make money from home
• Fun and passion are at the core of everything we do
• We compliment traditional business by engaging people they would never reach
• We build the businesses with people in the workshops so they believe they can do it
• We create a community that support each other long after we leave

When Alan finds time he speaks around the world about Financial Independence, grass roots entrepreneurship, the negative effect of start-up loans and much more!


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