Incredible interview today with the author of “F$CK BROKE: Let’s Get Rich,” Kosi Stobbs. A Powerful Guide to Getting the Life You’ve Always Wanted: Kosi Stobbs (aka The Property Owl) guides readers through both the mindset and the principles that evolved from his experiences working at Burger King for minimum wage 20 years ago to a portfolio of businesses and real estate valued at over $50,000,000.

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I started my first business when I was ten. It was simply a means to get candy. I collected pop cans door to door with friends and turned the earnings in at the end of a long day. Thirty years later and I still have my finger on the pulse of all things sales, marketing, and operations.

I began my career after graduating from the University of Alberta as an Engineer. While my brain was in Engineering, my heart was and always has been in business and real estate. I started with my first property at 22. Almost two decades later that has expanded to a prosperous network of companies and real estate. I buy companies, primarily established companies, where the owners are looking to hand the torch over to someone who will help support, grow and prosper it.

I sit on both a Peer Council and the BC Advisory Board for the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME). CME represents over 2500 manufacturing companies across Canada. On the peer council, I meet monthly with other company executives as a way to coordinate with other members of the manufacturing community. On the BC Advisory Board, I am able to represent the interest of manufacturing within British Columbia at a local and national level, interfacing with all levels of government to provide insight into the issues that manufacturers face.

I am also a member of The Executive Committee (TEC) . TEC is focused on business leaders and is not industry specific. It has a membership of 1400 business owners and senior executives that are dedicated to providing support.

I am a member of Forbes Business Council. As well a being a contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneurship magazines I have been featured in Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Canadian Real Estate Magazine and many other publications.

There are ups and downs in business, that goes without saying. But if you can maintain a long term approach and the culture of an organization you can continue to prosper over time. One thing that was certain for me growing up is that I am not and never want to be a broker. I’m not an agent / broker but I will work with them on opportunities they present.

I am a buyer, a buyer-focused on purchasing established businesses and maintaining the culture and integrity of the business that made it what it is today. Established companies where the owners care and are looking for a transition to someone who has an understanding of a business and wants to continue their legacy.

If you are thinking of selling your business or know someone that is, reach out to me directly at

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