That is clearly what entrepreneurs have. What that means is they’re always looking for an opportunity. They’re always looking to expand something, to start something, to be a part of something. They’re looking around them at all times and they’re always looking for an opportunity to turn something into something great, something profitable and something that has meaning.

If you want to be a great entrepreneur, you might want to start being more opportunistic. Don’t assume that every idea will come packaged perfectly. What it means is there’ll be an idea that comes to you, a lot of it will be good, some of it won’t be great, but you’re opportunistic and you’ll see the things that you need to improve on.

Starting today, start being very alert to opportunities around you. They’ll come dressed up in many, many forms, but if you start taking advantage of them, you’ll be shocked every year on how many little profit streams you add to your business empire.



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