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What you need to hear before 2020

We’re wrapping up the year up with 10-Minute Entrepreneur Podcast.  We have grown so fast and I wanted to take a moment to share why I started the podcast.

I have many business partners in different areas and we’re just never in the same place at the same time so I wanted to tape something that I can give to them. When I bring partners they’re pretty raw. They have an expertise and are super talented, but I want to share with each of them how to run a business.

None of them are business owners though—that’s the component that I bring to the table. So I wanted to take to record these talks and give it to them. I hope they all listen to my podcasts. They tell me they do because they will say to me you were referring to me today in your podcast or they will relate to something I said.

Today’s podcast is my 2020 pep talk.

II love the last week week of the year because it’s where I reflect and look back on the last year. I think about:

What could I do better?

What did I achieve that was really good how how well did I accomplish the goals that I set?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result, as the saying goes, and I don’t make that mistake. I recognize that if I see a bad pattern and something needs to change, I’ll make a change.

What Are You Excited About in 2020?

For me, I’m excited to begin a new start-up here in June. I’m excited about my fitness and my golf game. I try to look forward to something every day. Maybe that’s reading a particular book or enjoying lunch with a friend. I used to have a staff lunch every week where we’d all get pizza or Chinese food and gather around and eat together. It was great and it was something I looked forward to every week.

Shoot for a Level of Significance

Where can you make an impact? Plan a year that makes you significant. Start creating main events in your calendar. Start planning for memories. Start creating something exciting.

I schedule memories. Every year my college buddies and I take a trip together.

Every year I strategy for 20% growth, which we’ve had in my core company for eleven straight years.

If you don’t plan for it, it won’t happen.

Begin Adding Gratefulness to Your Daily Repertoire

Don’t get out of bed on the floor until you list off three or four to five things grateful for.

This is a secret weapon, I’m telling you.

What Is Your Life’s Dream Today?

I’m not talking about your life’s dream when you were 22. It’s probably different than it was then. Maybe you took some exit ramps or some detours. Whiteboard it and write it down or wipe it down and write something new. What excited me at 20 is different than at 30, is different than at 40, is different now.

What Does Your Perfect Day Look Like?

I write this in my journal. I write it as if it happened. I’ll write out exactly what does the perfect day look like to me, what does the perfect week look like, what does the perfect year look like if. If you don’t know what it looks like it’s never going to happen.

What Is the One Big Domino?

Borrowing from the previous podcast about What I Learned in 2019.

What is the one big domino that if you knock it down, everything else falls into place?

What Do You Want to Learn This Year?

Where you can improve? What expertise is going to need get a little bit better?

Try to improve on something every year.

Plan Your Calendar

Plan big moments with your family. Plan of events that are important to you like running a marathon or attending a game. Start planning out that calendar. Plan out the big things that you want to accomplish this year.

Have a Proactive 2020

if I could just give you one phrase for 2020:

Get excited about something. Don’t live average.


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