Today we are going over part 2 of the 12 Habits to Success!


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These are game changers and they really allow you to get so much better. If you’re trying to grow your wealth, you need to be successful. If you want to be a CEO of a company, you need to be successful. If you want to start and own a company, you’re going to need to be successful.

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Be a Talent Scout and Talent Magnet

I’m always working on accruing more talent within my organization. When I meet sharp people, I make a mental note and I put them in my journal. If I have an opportunity, a business idea, I want this person in it and I’ll typically take them to lunch and suss out where they see themselves five years from now. How many people have lunches like that? I ask them about their strengths and weaknesses. Successful people will typically tell you what they’re good at.

Your ability to identify, recruit, and retain talent will have a significant impact on your success.

Relentless Focus

I relentlessly focus. Why do I put relentlessly focus? Because I know that it’s going to require determination, I know it’s going to require resilience. I already know that going in. There’s going to be a ton of things that want to break my focus. I only have so much bandwidth, so I have to make decisions all the time on what is good and what is great.

Take Action Without Delay

I have to remind you, if I have to motivate you, if you need a mentor to motivate you I’m sorry, I’m really big on this whole mentoring idea, but motivation is not one of them. I hire mentors. I don’t really hire mentors, I hire coaches. I want somebody to teach me a skill, to polish something, but you don’t need to motivate me.

You take action without delay. If you need to be motivated, you are never going to be in this high group of successful people, because the successful people are the ones that do the motivating.

Master Leverage

I have mastered leverage, as in how to use all the chess pieces on the board. What are the chest pieces? I know how to leverage my time, I know when I have the most energy, I know when I can think the best. When I put something in a time slot, I know this is the absolute best time I can do it and if I did it another time, it would take me three hours to every one hour. So I know when my time is best used.

I know how to leverage my money and my credit. I can do certain things just effortlessly because I have amassed enough money and I know how to get a good return. I know how to get a quality return on my money. I know how to put 20% down to get 100% of an asset.

I know how to leverage assets that I have. I know how to leverage real estate. I’ve done that where I had space within one company and I put another company in there. I maximize leverage through relationships. I have friends that I can reach out to that can help me. So I leverage those relationships. Leveraging is just getting more out of what you have. Successful people leverage their time, their money, their assets.




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