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Know What You Want and Why You Want It

If you don’t have any goals you’re trying to achieve, if you don’t know why you want to achieve them, if you don’t have these things that you’re working towards, are you going to be successful? There’s no motivation there. So know what you want? Write it down. This what I always wrote down. I wanted to live the lifestyle, to drive the cars, what I wanted my career to look like, what I wanted out of my businesses. I always wrote a final outcome that I was seeking

Develop a Skill, Talent, or Occupation at a World Class Level

Don’t try to be good at 50 things. Be great at one, two, or three things at a world class level. Where do you think you can do it better than anybody within your area. When people think of this industry, they think of you to do it. You’re the number one person in their network, in their group, who they associate with in the company, in the world, regarding that subject.

Exceptional Communication Skills

I sent my son and his roomate to learn how to do comedy improv, because I know the value of communication skills. I can talk to anyone, anywhere, any time, about any subject, without arguing, without disagreeing. I can, because I’ve been forcing myself to do it for so long. And that’s maybe phenomenal at sales, building teams, sharing visions that people join me on these

I always say somebody is either going to work towards your dream or work on their own and I’ve gotten a lot of people to work towards my dreams, and I’m grateful for that because I believe I’ve shared it in such a compelling way that they want to join me.

Time Management Organizational Skills

If you can’t organize your day your week, you’re never going to get anything accomplished. Nobody’s ever going to trust you and think you’re going to get anything accomplished. I tell my team, I will get it done better than you thought and faster than you thought Why? Because that’s the standard I’ve set for myself.

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